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I spent $18 on just a pair of socks…but hey its comfy as shit soooo

i suck at relationships 😩

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♡ever seen a 3D tattoo? check these out ♡
"1. You stupid motherfucker, I hate you.
2. Please come over tonight. Are you doing anything this week?
3. Was it just as friends? Is that why you didn’t kiss me? I really wanted you to.
4. You dumb jerk, I bet you actually like her.
5. I feel safe when your arms are around me and you’re the warmest body I’ve ever wanted.
6. I don’t think we’d ever held hands before that night. I didn’t want to let go.
7. Did you not get the hint that I really wanted to sit next to you on the bus? I could’ve gone back, but I stayed pressed up against you for a reason.
8. Asshole. Asshole. Asshole.
9. You’re not being fucking fair; you know exactly what I would give to get a second chance.
10. Please respond, I just want to know that you care.
11. You light up my sky like hometown sunrises and keep me warm in the snow like my favorite jacket. It’s not fair for you to grab onto me and let go.
12. I tried to be the first to pull away and you just kept coming back to me. You came back to me.
13. You’re dumb and stupid and I really want you to call me or text me or facetime me or show up at my house or anything at all."
13 things I will not text you (via dggystyle)

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